Federico Jusid – Watership Down (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Album mp3 Download torrent

Download Federico Jusid - Watership Down (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2018)

“Watership Down (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)” track listing:

01. Another Day in Sandleford
02. Leave One Alive for Questioning
03. El-Ahrairah
04. General Woundwort
05. Back to Efrafa
06. The Escape
07. Black Branches That Fire
08. The Black Rabbit of Inlé
09. Clover in the Mist
10. From Hutch Rabbit to King Rabbit
11. Don’t Look Up!
12. Fiver’s Vision
13. I’m Going to Take Great Pleasure in Killing You
14. Super 8 Memories
15. Keehar to the Rescue!
16. Farewell
17. Those of You Not Loyal to Me…
18. My Name Is Hazel
19. Good Times in Watership Down
20. By Frith I Will Defend It
21. War
22. Goodbye, Captain Holly
23. Everyone, Run!
24. They’re Coming in from Above!
25. Your Plan Is Dangerous Hazel
26. I Fear Nothing
27. Fiver Is Alive!
28. My Leader, My Brother, My Friend
29. Join My Owsla
30. 10,000 Enemies
31. That’s Our Home
32. Birds
33. Allow Me to Take You to the Great Burrow
34. Frith in Basket
35. Saving Bigwig
36. Well Done, Hazel-Rah

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